2018 Art Expo


We have been very busy preparing for this year’s KZ Speech Art Show! This year has seen lots of creativity around the theme “Home!” 
Home is not just the place we live, it is also a place to belong, and comes in all shapes and sizes. We have worked individually, in pairs and in small groups to produce works of art to represent the idea of home. Home is frequently where most people feel safe, it is a haven away from demand and a place to be loved and protected. Our art show runs each year, and the purpose of the art show is to provide opportunity for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, language and learning differences to communicate capacity and perspective through art.

We invite you to take time to view the artwork and read about our artists.

Where: Victoria Park Centre of the Arts
Location: 12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park
Date: Monday, May 28th to Thursday, May 31st

Cost: Free