2018 Summer Fun Wrap

Summer Fun’s 2018 – PERTH

This year is the second largest “Fun Program” that KZ Speech has ever held (not our intention we might add). Our holiday program was initially designed to be “carry over” therapy for clients that did not want to stop therapy because of the summer school holidays. The initial group consisted of six children! Roll forward to 2018, now well over 15 years ago and the program is still running and getting stronger. The big difference for KZ Speech now is that we now run holiday programs 4 times a year in Perth, 2 times a year in Albany, 2 times a year in Geraldton and this year we are commencing in Wongan Hills. KZ Speech does understand that for many it is too difficult for parents and carers to “come to us” so we come to you. Want us to come to your town? Call us!
We are now also (finally) seeing a (still small) trend of parents starting to take a “break” by attending some of the regional programs.
This year Summer Fun 2018 - Perth has had well over 25 Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Therapy Assistants, Students from Curtin and ECU Universities on Prac, student volunteers and observers participate. We did have a ratio of more than one to one client to staff.

We say this each program and again we would like to thank all parents and carers who have entrusted their children to KZ Speech. We have many “regulars” but many more new clients that attended.
One of the highlights (for the writer of this) was for one parent advising another (“newbie”) that they just don’t understand what happens in these programs but change just does for the better.
As always KZ Speech invites any or all parents and carers to “see” what we do for a day or the full program if they wish. Many do take up the offer but more just like to have a break. 
This program also saw (to the delight of our staff, participants and parents) the Kensington Fire Station send out fire trucks and Firemen for the children (and a few extra siblings) to explore and have a shot at turning on the fire hose. Unfortunately before we could take a “staff photo” they received a callout to attend a real fire... The lights did impress all parents and children though.
Thank you again to all and we look forward to seeing you at Autumn Fun 2018.

Summer Fun 2018 – Albany

The best laid plans of mice and men...! Again with a ratio of one to one we were surprised on the first day when an extra four children attended. An urgent call to Barb and we had Mary L, Myla R and Justine P, all Education Assistants from various schools in Albany help the following day and then participate for the rest of the program. A big heartfelt “Thank You” to you all.

As in the Perth program one of the day’s themes was “Community Helpers”. When we contacted the Albany Fire Station they organised to send out two vehicles. All the children had a great time exploring the fire truck, playing with the 2way radio’s, seeing what firemen wear and then having a shot with one of the fire hoses. All had an amazing time with lots of photo’s being taken as keepsakes.

This year we again we thank Mt. Locker Primary School for allowing this program to run from their school.
We say this each program and again we would like to thank all parents and carers who have entrusted their children to KZ Speech.
All that participated did have a wonderful time. As is always the case with KZ Speech programs - Much change did occur!
We are already looking forward to the Winter Fun Program!
Please contact us (9450 6939 or info@kzspeech.com.au) if you would like further information regarding the Winter Fun program.
As usual below are the "Before and Afters", with our special guest - Daphnie.

2018 Summer Fun

Summer Fun is an intensive programme oriented towards the development of language and life skills in pre-school and school aged children. The programme will run as; Morning programme (9:00 – 12:00 pm ~ gene..

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