The Mighty KZ Speech Spitfires

We thought we would try something a little different over summer at KZ Speech. We all work very hard and don’t have that much time to exercise. So we started the KZ Speech Spitfires Mixed Touch Rugby Team!

Winter Round-up

Well let us tell you that winter Touch Rugby is cold and wet, well till we start running around. Then it’s really really hot! The season is over and true to our learning form we came first at the wrong end of the ladder. The team did actually achieve a milestone though. We won a game!! The winter team was made up of Sarah, Mikaela, Jarrod, Caroline, Murray, Rhianna, Steve, Bailey,  Ben, Kathy, Chris, Jack, Isobel, Ellen and many fill-ins that helped us throughout the season.

The season was tough and Sarah was probably the most consistent player. Well done Sarah. The organisation is great and those that were able to make the games did enjoy themselves. We had two injuries this year with Jack and Ben both doing a “hammy” which basically put them out for the season.

We hope that the summer season will bring back some of our other players and maybe some new ones like Suzanne and Benita? Time will tell.