OT News - Disco Laser Lights

This week our Occupational Therapists were very excited with the addition of disco laser lights to Room 7 at the Perth office. This means that we can have sensory cool down times after individual sessions and groups with some amazing visual inputs. It also means that Angeline's Dance Group will be more fun than ever! We are eagerly waiting to see what the dance group members think of the addition! We also have more lights on their way!!


Visual Processing
Visual Processing is our bodies’ ability to make sense of the world using our sense of sight. Just like our other senses, we also need to have a well-regulated visual sensory system to be able to attend to everyday tasks.
Make your own visual self-regulation tool for home or school, it's easy and fun for everyone!

Things you will need;

1). Plastic Bottle(s)

2). Glitter Glue

3). Loose Glitter

4). Sequins and/or Small Toys that will fit into the Plastic Bottle

5). Lukewarm Water

Step 1: Remove any labels from a plastic drink bottle. If needed run the bottle under hot water and then use a paper towel to remove any “glue” that may have remained.
Step 2: Fill the bottle with lukewarm water (this helps the glue to mix better)
Step 3: Squeeze some “glitter glue" into the bottle.
Step 4: Add extra glitter and shake! It will take a little time for the glue to completely mix into the water.
Step 5 (optional): Add small items such as sequins, glitter or small toys to increase the visual effect.
Step 6: Place some glitter glue in the cap and then screw back onto the bottle as tight as you can. We don't want our sensory bottles opening.