OT News - November Fun

This Week in OT:
This week our OT’s have had fun trialling our new swing in our gross motor room. With the addition of the net swing our OT’s have been able to incorporate more vestibular input into therapy. 

What is vestibular input? Our vestibular system is what provides us with information about where our body is in space. It is responsible for informing us whether our body is stationary or moving, how fast it is moving, and in what direction. A well-developed vestibular system is the foundation for other sensory systems (touch, vision, sound and proprioception) as well as being crucial for the development of balance, coordination, motor control of the eye and bilateral coordination.

OT Tip of the Week:
Activities can be done at home or the park to help promote vestibular processing. These include:
•             Playing on swings, slides and seesaws on the playground
•             Hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the playground
•             Going through obstacle courses at the park
•             Rolling down hills
•             Playing catch whist jumping, or on a trampoline
•             Skipping, running or jumping on different surfaces

OT News - OT Week

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