OT News - PD Moora

Last week one of our OT’s Rebecca Thorpe and Speech Pathologist Tayla Noble presented a PD to the wonderful teachers at St Josephs in Moora. It was a packed half day PD full of information on Sensory processing, fine motor development, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing and language development. The first half of the PD was spent on theory and the second half provided the staff with an opportunity to put what they learnt into practice with 6 activity stations set up around the room. The staff at St Joseph’s thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on-learning approach to the PD and went away with several new strategies to apply within the classroom. 

The school holidays in a fantastic opportunity to build hand strength and prepare your child for the next year of school. Hand strength influences a child’s ability to engage in fine motor tasks such as drawing, writing, colouring, cutting, squeezing etc. A child with poor hand strength may have difficulty controlling a pencil when drawing or writing, difficulty maintaining their grasp and may fatigue quickly during fine motor activities. Here are a few activities you can do with playdoh (don’t forget making playdoh is another way to work on those fine motor skills!):

  1. Kneed and squeeze a big ball of play dough using the fingers, thumb and palms.
  2. Roll the play dough to make ‘sausages’ or ‘snakes’ using two hands or one hand. Vary the length of ‘sausages’ by using heavy pressure and light pressure.
  3. Make ‘mini snakes/sausages’ rolling using the index finger only.
  4. Pinch the playdough using thumb and index finger. Ensure that the joints of the thumb and finger are bent slightly.
  5. Poke the playdough using the index finger. Ensure the joints of the finger are bent slightly.
  6. Using the thumb, index and middle fingers to roll a smooth small ball of dough. 

 The child can construct an item of choice with all the parts that they have made using the play dough activities, e.g., car, animal etc