OT News - Relaxation Zone

This week at KZ Occupational Therapy:

With just over one month until Christmas our Occupational Therapists are busy getting their Christmas craft and activities ready. They have some great activities in the making, including Christmas puppets, Santa’s hats and Christmas themed sensory activities. What Christmas themed activities will you be doing at home?

Christmas time can get busy for all kids, but can be especially stressful for sensory sensitive kids. This Christmas why not make a relaxation zone for your child for them to go to when things become too overwhelming. The relaxation zone, or whatever term you choose to call it, is a spot in your home that is calming and provides various forms of organised sensory inputs for when your child is over-stimulated or upset.
Make a little tent with a blanket over a table or chairs. Add some of your child’s favourite blankets, soft toys and pillows. You can even add some fairy lights or a lava lamp if your child likes visual input. It is a good idea to have a few of your child favourite sensory items in the tent, such as a chew, fidget toys or some headphones.
If you are unsure of what to include in your relaxation zone your Occupational Therapist should be happy to give you some ideas.

*** Very Important - Please do NOT use this space as a place for time-out. ***