OT News - Wonderful Help

Our OT’s have been busy these last few months with the beginning of school, individual session starting and our groups commencing. We have been fortunate enough to have some help from a group of wonderful 2nd year OT students studying at Curtin University who joined our team for their week long placement. We hope you enjoyed your time at KZ Speech and wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your studies. 

We would also like to welcome on board our new OT Imogen! We are very excited about the addition of a 5th OT to the KZ Speech family.


OT Tip: Learning Letters

Using a child’s sensory system when teaching them new letters reinforces the information they need to remember.  Here are some examples of how you can incorporate the tactile (touch) system into writing letters:

  • Use sandpaper with different crayons
  • Draw in sand (wet or dry), mud, rice, flour.
  • Draw with different textures with your fingers – shaving cream (in the bath or shower, or on a table top), whipped cream, jelly, lotions, etc.
  • Change the temperatures of the materials (place crayons in the fridge before use, or warm lotions before use).
  • Form letters or shapes out of plasticine, playdough, clay etc.
  • Trace letters on the carpet with your finger
  • Fill  a ziplock bag with hair gel and trace letters


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