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2017 Spring Fun

Spring Fun is an intensive programme oriented towards the development of language and social skills in pre-school and school aged children. The programme will run as; Morning programme (9:00 – 12..

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PODD Workshop Albany

PODD Workshop Albany For people with complex communication needs Yvette Theodorsen is a Speech Pathologist and a qualified WA PODD trainer. Yvette has been invited to Albany to present a tailored workshop f..

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2017 Winter Fun Albany

Albany Winter Fun for 2017 has finished! Thank you to all the participants for being so good throughout the five days. Thank you to all the staff for making this program another amazing success. It is a real compli..

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2017 Winter Fun Perth

Winter Fun Perth 2017 - Pre and Post photo's Our before and after shot this time are a little bit different... I’ll just say that all the Therapists and Therapy Assistants would like to do the Fires and..

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2017 Winter Fun

Winter Fun is coming up, so make sure you book your child in! Winter Fun is an intensive program oriented towards the development of language and social skills in pre-school and school aged children. The progra..

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New KZ Website

On Monday 19th June we launched our new website, and said goodbye to the old style that had been our information hub for many years. Now the challenge for us is to get use to the wonderful things a web site can do ..

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Proud Marnie!

Marnie said that Sophie recently competed in a competition... Take it away Sophie! I recently took part in the Opti-minds nationals challenge in Brisbane where my team won for Social Sciences Division 1. Opti-mi..

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Review - Flying Solo through the Spectrum - Wow what a Success!

The opening night saw close to one hundred people attend. Many of the artists that were able to attend were proud to showcase their pieces to their family, caregivers and the public. The official opening speech was g..

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Silent Achiever

KZ Speech is a silent achiever and likes to give back to the community when and where it is able too. Over the last few months KZ Speech has been able to secure through the City of Perth a large donation of computer ..

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Student Perspectives

Spring Fun – A therapy assistant's perspective Spring fun this year was a rewarding experience for me. It was full of fun and I learnt a lot! As a therapy assistant or a helper, you had one of two jobs. The fi..

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Inside and Out

Steve Dyer was not happy! Why you ask? Well because it took us a while to get back to him to so that he could finish inside what he created outside! Again thank you Steve for the effort that you have put into our log..

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The Mighty KZ Speech Spitfires

We thought we would try something a little different over summer at KZ Speech. We all work very hard and don’t have that much time to exercise. So we started the KZ Speech Spitfires Mixed Touch Rugby Team! ..

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