Kaitlyn Hailes

Kaitlyn Hailes

Specialities: Speech Pathologist

Locations Serviced: Perth

I graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2014. Throughout my studies I was always very adamant that I wanted to work with adults and the thought of working with children never really crossed my mind. Upon completion of my studies I began a trial at KZ Speech during a school holiday program and I haven’t left! Working with children is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

I am forever learning so much from my clients in the process of providing them with intervention – it is definitely a collaborative working relationship and I feel I have learnt so much from each client. I also get to fulfill my interest of working with adults through my work as a casual Speech Pathologist at Saint John of God Hospital. Outside of work I enjoy yoga, reading and cooking.



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