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Our intensive programmes are oriented towards the development of language and social skills in pre-school and school aged children.
Running during the school holidays as:
Summer Fun - Autumn Fun - Winter Fun - Spring Fun  


KZ Speech - 22 Letchworth Centre Avenue, Salter Point, WA 6152 


The structure of the program is that the children rotate around nine stations, for 20 minutes at each station working one to one with a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or therapy assistant. They may do this either individually or in a pair (depending on the child’s mix of learning needs and social language use needs at each station).

 Stations are:

  • Following instructions to paint
  • Sentence assembly and production (verbal and written)
  • Auditory memory and sentence comprehension (i-Pad and computer based)
  • Question answering and narrative comprehension and expression
  • Fine motor, visual motor integration  and executive function skills (OT)
  • Play and creative narrative expression development
  • Shared making
  • Games (range of board games oriented to the children’s levels)
  • Sorting, Mind-mapping and Giving a Talk (semantic organisation)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do children need to bring?

 If you could provide the following to leave here that would be terrific:

  1. A paint apron or old shirt for any messy work.
  2. A drink bottle with name on (we will refill with fresh water for the start of each group).
  3. Any specific rewards that you wish us to use with your child.
  4. A change of clothes that we can put in the store room and use in case of any accidents.

Can parents stay?

Most parents do drop their children off and return.  However, you are equally very welcome to stay and watch.

What do I need to do at home?

 The programme is very intensive and as such we suggest time off is treated as a holiday. From time to time in the programme we may ask for particular items to be brought in from home for conversational work.

What if we are going to be absent or if my child is sick?

 The more time your child spends in the programme the better their outcomes will be. Hence, avoid absences and if possible illness. Please contact the office as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a session.
Staff and resources are booked and obtained well in advance of the programmes being run. As a result please be aware that we are unable to refund monies for any missed sessions.

How will I know what progress my child has made?

We complete a pre and post measure of the children’s expressive and receptive language function as part of the first and last sessions. During each session we keep running records of level of ability and prompting required on each task. We keep your child’s work in a scrapbook for you to view.

I have a query/concern.

If you have any queries or concerns while your child is attending the programme then please speak to the person at the administration desk. We will endeavor to address your query or concern immediately. Please be aware that sometimes this might take a little longer.

How do I make suggestions?

At the end of the programme we will be giving all parents/caregivers a form for you to evaluate the programme and to make suggestions. We always take all suggestions seriously have on many occasions modified the programme based on parent and caregivers.

Is there any way I can help?

 Thank you for asking. It is such a busy programme and we all put full effort into making the intensity work for your child.  Sometimes we do have extra laminating and cutting out to do and if asked will gratefully hand over this responsibility.

Can you do a school visit to explain the programme?

 Yes, we’d love to. If you could ask us about this towards the end of Autumn Fun we can set up times to visit with the school once the teachers are back to work.  We will need to charge a fee for the visit, which will also need to include travel time.

Who will be working with my child?

We have a core of therapists working in the programme who are very experienced. The programme has Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants (generally the Therapy Assistants are university students studying Speech and OT) involvement.

How and when do I pay?

You will be given an invoice on the first day of programme. We expect payment before the last day of the programme.      

 If you have issues then please speak to Jane or Chris ASAP.

What is the best way to contact you?

If you can, please email any information you have with regards to your child, or any questions you have to
We are really busy during the day and email allows us to get back to you at any time of the day. If it is urgent, please ring 9450 6939.



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