Chris Ziatas

Chris Ziatas


Specialities: Administration

Locations Serviced: Perth, Albany, Denmark, Geraldton, Goomalling, Katanning, Kojonup, Moora, Northam, Tambellup, Wongan Hills

I was born in Geraldton (a long time ago…) and came to Perth in 1980 to study. Unfortunately that did not go to well for me but what did go well is that I met Kathy. In 1982 I decided to study part time and was lucky enough to get a job at the then Department of Agriculture as an Auditor. Over my years in the Government I moved to Corrective Services and then ended up at the State Revenue Department. In 1989 I took long service leave and then resigned as I was helping support my father who eventually passed away of cancer. Around the same time I was approached by a friend who I had worked with to join him in a technology venture. Over the next twenty years I saw the commencement and the scale of technology develop in our society. I remember having to load a tape into a computer and being amazed when the tiny orange screen lit up. I still wish that I had not thrown away the original Apple Mac (that had signatures from all the Apple staff (including Steve Jobs) who created it on the inside of the cover). I have held many positions over this time. I had been the Apple representative for WA when I worked for a wholesale company, Webmaster (impressive title) for the world’s largest mining portal, Australian sales champ for a fortune 500 company, helped raise capital for mining and technology ventures, supported very small to local (like RIO, BHP) and international corporate businesses (like Tiffany the Jewellers) and of course including Government Departments and their agencies.

You could say that technology had been my “work love” for over twenty years, well that is until KZ Speech!  I joined KZ Speech on a part time basis around 2010 to help Kathy and the then very small team. Unsure what I would find I suggested that I could help for approximately two days a week. What I found was a waiting list of over three hundred clients (with some having waited for over two years to see someone at KZ Speech). The solution was easy! Hire more staff! Moving forward KZ Speech now has well over forty Therapists, Therapy Assistants and Administrative Staff supporting hundreds of families in the Kimberly, South West, Gascoyne, Wheatbelt, Great Southern and of course Perth regions.

I tried to maintain two days per week for at least three weeks.... Like Kathy’s; my life now also revolves around KZ Speech. I am passionate about what we do and the amazing results that the practice continually achieves. I have tried many things at KZ Speech and value that we are so dynamic and able to adapt new theories and technologies as they come out into the practice. This, I feel, has enabled so many external professionals, organisations (private and Government) and of course clients to increasingly refer KZ Speech to their clients or friends. At KZ Speech we have a “can do” attitude!

My actual role at KZ Speech is ever evolving but currently revolves around staff and parent support. For staff this includes ensuring the administrative supports run well, particularly with the ongoing changes that are occurring with Federal Funding and NDIS. For parents, I am happy to be the “go to” for all kinds of supports, including finding technology to match needs, investigating services and supports as needed and facilitating appointments and referrals. KZ Speech is very busy and I keep saying to clients that if I promise something but don’t deliver they have my permission to call me (anytime) and give me a good kick. I also stress that I have a very bad memory.... Please do remind me who you are, I do speak to lots of people every day...

In the lots of spare time that I don’t have, I enjoy gardening in our front and backyard. As children, Kathy and I have grown up with fruit and vegetables aplenty. Our respective parents grew their own. Our children had not really experienced this and as such we now have a front yard and backyard full of only edible or fruiting plants. We added to this a few years ago by moving into Aquaculture. The results so far have been great.

I did also night Scuba Dive for prawns and fish in the river till a few years ago. Now I enjoy trying to catch fish from the land. I also used to play Softball during winter. Over the past six years I have coached a KZ Speech Tee-Ball team (Go the BLUEJAYS!!!!). 



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