Emily Graham

Emily Graham

Speech Pathologist

Specialities: Speech Pathologist

Locations Serviced:

In 2012 I left my small country town in Tasmania and embarked on my journey to Victoria to become a Speech Pathologist. I first worked in Canberra before coming to Western Australia because I had heard that the ‘West is best’!

I have experience working with children from babies to adolescents. My interest areas are speech, language and literacy difficulties, feeding, social skills, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and fluency (stuttering). I also have experience working with a range of disabilities as well as children with voice disorders and hearing loss.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, sipping coffee in a café, reading, any sport/outdoor activity and animals!



SAS Social Skills: I have completed training in the Secret Agent Society which is a program for older primary and early high school aged children who have difficulties with emotional regulation and/or social skills.

Sarah Starr Feeding: Transitioning to cup and solids. In 2017 I attended training in Sydney which gave me the skills to support parents whose children have delayed feeding skills resulting in difficulties with eating solids or being weaned from the breast and bottle. We all know that eating is very important for our child and it can be stressful when children are not progressing with their intake. I love being able to support parents in this area. 

Emily has moved (temporarily we hope) to her home state of Tasmania. Where possible Emily is maintaining her client base in Perth and Geraldton via Tele-Health.



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